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1 - AFRICAN MUSIC VIDEOS: "Africanmusic24" bring you ALL African music videos New and Old, Browse by country to watch music from all their artists...          2 - PLAYLISTS: Create a playlist of your own selected music videos and play it anytime anywhere...          3 - THE AFRICAN MUSIC VIDEO CHARTS: All videos that play from YOUR playlist get a vote, The videos with the highest votes make the top 10 chart for their country, The ten with the highest votes from all African countries make the African TOP 10 chart that plays on the Music homepage.... The video charts are WEEKLY and are reset every monday morning...          4 - ITS FREE Watch the latest African music videos 24hrs a day ... ITS ALL FREE!!          5 - AFRICAN TELEVISION: In 2014 "AfricanTV24" aims to bring you live broadcasts of ALL free to air African TV Channels... follow the link at the top menu to see if your TV stations are available yet!! :-)         


Ugandans in the Diaspora can now watch their local TV stations online with AfricanTV24 the new platform showing Uganda TV to audiences worldwide.
For a long time Uganda only had one Television channel that would start broadcasting at 6:00pm and Close at 10:00pm. Although not exactly a 24hr service, when Uganda Television stations are not broadcasting, they show European or International live TV broadcasts.
In Uganda today you have a wide variety of TV stations as listed below showing a range of programmes from African news, sport and general African Affairs:
UBC: Uganda Broadcasting Cooperation (formerly known as UTV) is the Official TV station owned by the Government. It broadcasts government presentations, politics, national events as well as entertainment.
WBS: Wavah Broadcasting Service
NTV Uganda
LTV: Light House Television (LTV) provides religious inspirations with daily preaching, religious songs and films spreading Christianity across the country and the world.
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Ugandan Music Videos

African music has grown leaps and bounds in the last 10 years and the quality of the music videos produced continues to impress. The distribution of African music or music by African artists is still slow that is why AfricanMusic24 has now teamed up with AfricanTV24 to create a portal all Africans can go to for all their African live online television and music videos. AfricanMusic24 is not a reseller but an advertiser for African artists to the world at large, Ugandans travelling abroad or living in the Diaspora anywhere in the world can now sit back right here on, knowing that they can watch their local Uganda TV stations and all music-videos produced by Ugandan artists.

African Music Videos:-