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Angolan TV

Angolans in the Diaspora can now watch their local TV stations online with AfricanTV24 the new platform showing Angolan TV to audiences worldwide. Whether you are travelling or you live abroad, AfricanTV24 will bring you live local television broadcasts from Angola wherever you are.

Angola has one television service, operated by the government-run Televisao Popular de Angola (TPA). In 1997 RTP launched RTP Africa in each of Portugal's former African colonies. Each recipient country's state broadcaster accesses both programming and equipment from the service. The channel's studio facilities and infrastructure are funded by the Portuguese Government, but run by local management. In addition, there is a local broadcaster, WT Mundo video, that is broadcast in Luanda only.

Televisão Pública de Angola TPA: Public Television of Angola (TPA) The Angolan government national television broadcast

Televisao Comercial de Angola TVC: The commercial division of Angola's government national television (ATP)

RTP Africa:


WT Mundovideo: A Private local TV station that only broadcasts in the Angolan capital, Luanda.

Angolan Music Videos

African music has grown leaps and bounds in the last 10 years and the quality of the music videos produced continues to impress. The distribution of African music or music by African artists is still slow that is why AfricanMusic24 has now teamed up with AfricanTV24 to create a portal all Africans can go to for all their African live online television and music videos. AfricanMusic24 is not a reseller but an advertiser for African artists to the world at large, Angolans travelling abroad or living in the Diaspora anywhere in the world can now sit back right here on, knowing that they can watch their local Angolan TV stations and all Music-Videos produced by Angolan artists.

African Music Videos:-